Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Tom Hanks directed by Clint Eastwood about an interesting event in 2009? I'll give that a go.

The Miracle on the Hudson, which wasn't a miracle, just damn fine work by those involved, had repercussions of 'who can we blame?', and this movie is set after the event when there is an investigation. In particular, Sully and Skiles, the pilot and co-pilot, are interrogated to see why they went for landing in the Hudson rather than make it to an airport. We also flash back to moments in Sully's life, and flash back more than once to the actual landing as we see it from different perspectives. As this is based on real life, you know where it's going, but it still feels good to get there.

As it is Tom Hanks you can expect fine performances, although he comes across as very tightly controlled (with all of this, I have no idea how accurate this is). Aaron Eckhart acts the hell out of having a mustache. And I want to call out Molly Hagan for playing a cool AF stewardess who will not take any crap from you.

Good movie, well worth checking out.


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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Grand Central

It's a place where everyone comes together, at Grand Central.

In order to get some money, this guy has to take a job at a nuclear reactor, moving stuff around. There, he makes friends with other works, and falls in with the main guy Toni. And his wife. With whom he rather quickly starts to have an affair. As they work at the reactor, their dosages go up, which is mixed in with the affair and consequences. Ultimately, each reaches a peak and people have to leave.

The love triangle didn't really interest me, and the reactor parts are more just people in plastic coverings walking about, getting dosed with radiation.

I did stick it out, but can't say it was for me.


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Monday, 26 September 2016

Bliar Wetch

From the filmmakers that made famous the found footage "documentary" we have... exactly the same thing.

Heather's brother, James, wants to hunt down his sister and heads into the woods. He has Lisa, a filmmaker, his friend Peter and his girlfriend Ashley, and they meet up with Lane and Talia. Guess what happens to them? A lot of nothing! They go into the woods, and wander around, and get lost, and it gets dark, and... eventually they wander into a house...

Does this sound like the first movie? It is, although it definitely feels like there's a lot more scripted events, because there are some big scenes that would need a fair bit of set up. So scratch the more improve nature, and instead make sure you checklist elements from the first to repeat, with the added bonus of twenty years of technology.

But no better script writing. Nothing more is revealed about the witch, no big surprises come forth about the first movie, and nothing actually scary happens.

It's just not worth it.


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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Din't Breath

Thieves go into a house to ransack it, but find out that the owner isn't interested in just letting them get away with that.

One of the dads of the thieves is in security, and so they have access to the security pad codes for houses. Makes for easy entries, and with successful raids, they target the house of a blind veteran. (You can tell already that's not going to go well.) They enter, but wake the owner, and then he starts kicking their asses. However, there are secrets to be found out, and it's hard to say who to root for in this movie.

Usually in movies there are some kind of good guys you want to win. Or at least bad guys that are getting away with it in ways that we like. Here we have thieves, and then meet a veteran that is, to be blunt, rather fucked up. I knew going in that it wasn't going to be sunshine and puppies, but even so, where they go I have no interest in following.

The big reveal is considered exciting by some, but the movie completely lost me at that point. And by people doing stupid things. And by people not damn well staying dead!! Nope, I'm out.


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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Speciesist II

The aliens, are back, and this time, it's a boy!

Humans land on Mars, and immediately everything goes wrong as the crew is infected by the alien DNA which happens to be on Mars. Lennox and Baker are back to find them, and Baker happened to make another Sil, this called Eve. As it's a guy this time, he's mating with all the womens (being far more successful that Sil ever was), and producing off-spring (all male as well). When they are viable, alien men will rape their way across the planet. Of course, Eve and the guy get together and fuck like bunnies, becoming aliens themselves... and, just as of course, sex is their downfall.

We didn't need a sequel, and while they did take the obvious step of bringing in the other gender, at least they don't repeat the same scenes as last time. While Natasha is back, she doesn't get as naked, but there are plenty of other naked women, but unlike last time there aren't any naked guys.

They tried, but it just didn't live up to the original. But there is far worse yet to come.


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Friday, 23 September 2016

Lost Five Room

This is a set up episode, to put the final pieces of information in place before the last episode.

This episode is about the search for the vault, because they think it will lead them to the owner of the room, who will bring back Anna. They need to get some more Objects, including the scissors, which rotates things, and we also see the flask in action. They do ultimately get to the vault, and Kurtzfelt gets the Eye, which can create and destroy flesh. Which will let him brick back his dead son, which can be resurrected briefly by the use of the nickle (which he has to swallow, so eww). The cop does track down a lead to the owner, and so everything is in place, ready to go.

Like many elements, the vault is set up early, but doesn't really mean a lot. Neither do the various groups. They are just a means of exposition without actually getting in the way. Neither the Legion or the Order is a serious problem to be dealt with, and Kurtz is about the only one who is a credible threat, which is played out here and will continue to be a problem.

Still, with one episode left, the threat is around to use the Objects to rip open reality, and all we have is a cop without a gun or a Key to stop him.


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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Million Dollar Duck

It's a film about a stamp, and I Kickstarted it!

The Duck Stamp is basically a license that allows hunters to go hunting ducks in the year. The funds raised go towards preserving natural areas for the ducks and other species that inhabit the area. And since the 1940s, the duck stamp picture is the winner of a nation wide contest. This is the film of the 2014/15 year stamp, and of some of the people who enter it. We follow these people, and get some of their stories, mainly about how they grew up as artists and the idea of the duck stamp captured their interest. Many photograph ducks to paint, and eventually the pictures all come together. We follow the three rounds of judging that happens, and find the final winner.

The art is very good, and there's even someone who takes a rather different take on the style (much to the eye roll of other contestants), and there is a lot of interest in it. The Million Dollars comes from the contest, of which you win nothing but acclaim, but the merchandising opportunities afterwards.

It's a nice documentary about a small area that many people wouldn't know about. Although it was mentioned in Fargo.


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